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Junior Knole Run
19th November 2016

This is Mr Holmes' favourite event of the year, run on a challenging, but beautiful, course with a field of 359 runners. Yardley Court had 12 boys entered and each group of four crossing the line made up the A, B and C teams.

Fin was keen to win at his future school and pulled off a stunning and prestigious victory. Oliver H finished 10th, Ollie C was 15th and Ethan 17th. These boys made up our A team who retained the trophy with 43 points. What a performance!

Our B team was comprised of Max (39th), the ever more impressive Toby (42nd), Freddie (43rd) and Marcus (44th, who did well considering he fell over twice and had to contend with the stampeding herd behind!). They finished a very impressive 8th.

The C team finished 24th out of the 65 teams and was made up of our Year 6 boys looking to gain experience in this tough senior event. Fraser, Angus, Felix and Finn worked very hard and put in some good preparation before the national finals in Malvern next term.

Just one event remains for Yardley Court this term, the ESAA national final, the biggest cross-country event in England. We are very excited about our chances in Liverpool!

Running against girls two years older than themselves, the Derwent Lodge team had a great afternoon, placing 7th. Well done Lily (8th), Sophie (11th), Eva (65th) and Ottilie (86th). Excellent positions in a field of 231 older girls!

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