Our Pre-School provides children with an organised, engaging and motivating environment that fosters independent and confident learning in a nurturing, caring setting. Our pupils learn through self-initiated and planned play, adult focussed small group activities and whole class sessions.  The children have the opportunity for periods of sustained exploration, creativity and critical thinking.

Pre-School children spend time in their classrooms and in the courtyard: a spacious, enclosed area with a clean, soft play surface.  Here they can access a range of physical, imaginative and creative activities and equipment.  Each week there is a planned outdoor session that takes place in the wider school grounds.  Learning is planned, delivered and supported by highly qualified staff.

We create a stimulating environment where children are encouraged to be independent and inquisitive, whilst feeling secure and safe at all times. The children are encouraged to look at the world around them and to share their personal interests at school.  There are planned activities where the children investigate topics such as baby animals and growth, the weather, seasons and the festivals. In Pre-School the children benefit from specialist music teaching and visitors who deliver experiences to enhance their learning.  In the Summer Term they all participate in Sports Day.

Our Pre-School is a multi-age learning environment bringing together children who are rising 3 and rising 4. There are benefits for all pupils in a multi-age classroom. The younger children have the opportunity to learn from and aspire to the achievements of the older children. The older children have the option to return to known experiences and develop their knowledge in a known environment. During their time in the Pre-School, all children can experience being in a position where they lead and take responsibility.

Children may join Somerhill Pre-School in or after the term in which they become three years old.

Morning sessions commence at 9.00am but children can come into the classrooms from 8.00am. Lunch begins at 12.00pm Children attending morning sessions can be collected before lunch or stay for Lunch & Play until 1.15pm. Afternoon sessions commence at 12.00pm and end at 3.15pm (3.00pm on Wednesdays). After School Care is offered until 4.30pm for Rising 3s and 6.00pm for Rising 4s.

Rising 3s should attend a minimum of three sessions per week. This increases to four sessions as they go in to their second and third terms. Rising 4s attend each morning when they start the Michaelmas Term. Additional afternoons are then added in November, January and April with the Summer Term requiring full attendance (5 mornings and 5 afternoons) in preparation for Reception.

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