Outdoor Spaces

The Schools at Somerhill grounds extend over 150 acres and are a magnificent feature of the school.  They provide a stunning landscape for both education and recreational use.

Somerhill GroundsGardens

Dotted around the site are pupil activity areas where children can climb and play.  In 2013 an impressive tree house complex was built on the edge of the woodlands.  The Pre Prep also have their own outdoor play area with child-friendly artificial turf.

Outdoor play areaOutdoor play areaOutdoor play areaOutdoor play areaOutdoor play areaOutdoor play area

In lessons, pupils have the chance to go pond dipping and carry out ecological projects around the nature area.

Our Pond AreaOur Pond Area

The woodland is used for camp building clubs, overnight camps and team building events.

Woodland ActivitiesShelter building

In addition to our impressive indoor pool, the school has an outdoor pool that is used during the summer months. 

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