Aims of The Schools at Somerhill

The Schools at Somerhill seek to help each of our pupils to achieve the greatest all-round development and success of which they are capable. This includes promoting their academic, personal, spiritual, social, and moral growth.

We aim to give each child self-esteem, resilience and a determination to make their lives as fulfilling as possible both here at Somerhill and as members of a global community.

We encourage our pupils to work hard and take a pride in achievement, to think honestly and independently, to face up to challenges, to accept responsibility, to show concern for others and the environment and to develop a broad range of skills and interests.

In a caring and happy community, we want our children to make the most of their talents and promote the well-being of themselves and others.

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About the Schools at Somerhill

Welcome to The Schools at Somerhill. A unique family setting of three outstanding schools sharing one stunningly beautiful site.