We would love to hear from Derwent Lodge alumnae via our Facebook page or by email.

We recently heard from Mrs Ellen Hill, Head of DL from January 2004-December 2008 who writes "I am not sure whether I count as an "old girl" but I enjoyed reading the comments so much I felt I had to respond. I, too, have very fond memories of DL and think it is a great idea to keep in touch".

Do please keep us updated on your news.


  • Caitlin Moore

    attended April 2006-2010 writes "Looking back at my years at Derwent Lodge, I realise how inspiring the teachers are. I don't think I would be where I am now without the support of the teachers and the pupils at the school. Cannot wait to visit, my years at DL were by far the most special years of my childhood

  • Soraya Williams

    joined Pre-Prep in 2004 and finished Year 6 in 2012 writes "I loved being at DL, it was so fun and I miss it loads! I wish I had never left. The teachers are so nice and I also miss them loads!".

  • Maddie Gallagher

    Maddie Gallagher - joined SPP when 3 years old, finished DL Year 6 in 2011 writes "I just wanted to let you know what’s going on in my life and tell you how much I miss everyone at DL.

    Firstly, hi to EVERYONE, especially all the teachers, and the people in Grasmere (the best house I have to say,). Let Mrs Green and Mrs Foward know I miss them very much and their happy smiles that always cheered me up. DL is officially the best school I've been to so far, it really is like a huge family.

    Also I would just like to say now I live in South Africa which I enjoy but I preferred America (an amazing experience and I had a great time) and of course England. I miss the sports at Somerhill and all the amazing teachers who taught me life lessons."

  • Zoe Walsh

    Zoe Walsh attended 2009-2011 writes "DL was great and I remember it fondly. Now I'm at school in Germany and really miss everyone at DL and the fun that went with it".

  • Emma Wadsworth

    Emma Wadsworth attended 2004-2010 writes "I had such a happy time at DL, everything about it was amazing, the teachers, the surroundings, staff and girls. Thank you for all the amazing opportunities!".

  • Kathryn Headington

    Kathryn Headington attended 2006-2011 writes "Thanks for all the great things you taught us, I am still in touch with lots of my friends and have bumped into the DL crowd a few times at matches and Open Days at Wally! Still thinking of you".

  • Maddy Hughes

    Maddy Hughes attended 2006-2010 writes "DL was amazing because it gave you loads of opportunities and was like one big family".

  • Sally Franks

    Sally Franks joined Pre-Prep in 2004 and finished Year 6 in 2012 writes "Hey how is Somerhill? I have great memories from there and the occasional "being told off" memories, but what memories they are".

  • Emily London

    Emily London attended 2007-2010 writes "being at DL was amazing, thanks to all the teachers for their help and support!".

  • Lily Wadsworth

    Lily Wadsworth attended 2004-2008 writes "DL was such a happy time for me, the setting, the buildings, staff and girls made it a lovely environment to be part of - it would be great to see people again!".

  • Amber Small

    Amber Small attended 1998-2005 writes “I loved my time at DL – you don’t realise how great it is until you have to go to Secondary School!”.

  • Bronwen Lambert

    Bronwen Lambert attended 2002-2006 writes “Brilliant idea to get everyone back together, look forward to hearing when!”.

  • Hope Lambert

    Hope Lambert attended 2004-2008 writes “Lovely idea”.

  • Abigail McCarthy

    Abigail McCarthy attended 2004-2006 writes “Being at DL was one of the best times of my childhood, when I left Somerhill I went to Weald, but my family now lives inBirmingham but I’ve never forgotten how much fun Somerhill was!”.

  • Franny Young

    Franny Young attended 2006-2010 writes “I really enjoyed my time at Derwent Lodge. It was more than a school, it was a family and I really miss it”.

  • Hannah Capewel

    Hannah Capewel l finished Year 6 in 2008 writes "Being at DL was one of the happiest times of my life. It is hard to sum up in words the amount of fun I enjoyed here! When I look back on my days at the school, I appreciate what an amazing opportunity it was. I made bonds with people there which will last a lifetime - notonly with teachers, but with friends. I'm proud to say that many of my current friendships were founded at the time I was at DL and those friendships still remain today. The school not only gave me a good academic education to lead a good start in life but provided many extra-curricular activities. One of my most fond memories was the sport at DL - I remember looking forward to every PE lesson we had! The skills which I learnt in many different sports I continue to use today and I would like to thank Mrs Harman for giving me such an enjoyable experience and amazing opportunities!".

  • Charlotte Short

    Charlotte Short attended 2004-2008 writes "I look forward to seeing you all again!".

  • Lucinda Kidson

    Lucinda Kidson attended 2004-2008 writes: ”After attending Derwent Lodge for four years then following through to Benenden School, you start to get a feel of how lucky you are to have attended such a welcoming, all rounded school. When I talk to my friends about their previous schools, none of them seem to match the extent of how much I enjoyed Derwent Lodge. The atmosphere between the teachers and the students was always pleasant - all the memories I look back on I cherish. I am happy to say that some of my best friends went to Derwent Lodge - it is a school where your relationships last a lifetime. I couldn't think of a better place to start your education. After looking at the website I started to really miss the old days and I really hope to come back soon”.

  • Jessica Hawkes

    Jessica Hawkes attended 2001-2005 writes: “I’d like to send a lot of hugs to all of the DL teachers (whether they remember me or not!) and thank them all for setting me up for a great school life. DL is an inspiration to each and every girl it teachers and I miss it a lot! And to the DL girls from my year: I love you guys!x”.

  • Theodora Beadle

    Theodora Beadle attended 2007-2011 writes: “I love DL! It’s awesome!”.

  • Scarlett Atherton

    Scarlett Atherton attended 2001-2004 writes: “I am now at Cranbrook having been at St Ronan’s”.

  • Melanie Leeson

    Melanie Leeson joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 1993 and finished Year 6 in 1999 writes: “My time at DL is one I look back to with fond memories. I made friends for life and am grateful to all the staff there who allowed me to develop both academic and extra-curricular skills which have set me in good stead for life. I’m currently doing a PGCE to become a primary school teacher!”.

  • Georgia Rawlins

    Georgia Rawlins attended 2007-2011 writes: “Hi everyone! How is DL now? I saw Mrs Michau at a concert at Wally Hall. I have managed to catch up with Mrs Lester and have seen a netball team with Miss Howard-Williams and Miss Kerr-Shepherd. It seems I can leave DL but I can never hide!”.

  • Caitlin Moore

    Caitlin Moore attended 2005-2010 writes: "Thank you for introducing me to sport - I really want to pursue it as a career!".

  • Sara Crooks

    Sara Crooks attended 2007-2009 writes: "I loved my time at DL and will never forget it".

  • Scarlett Sullivan

    Scarlett Sullivan attended 2004-2008 writes: “Being at DL was one of the best times in my life, especially the productions and trips, and I think that all the girls there should cherish their years at DL and enjoy the strong, family-like relationships that I had with my teachers and friends and that I’m sure they will have!”.

  • Hannah Richards

    Hannah Richards joined Somerhill Pre-Prep 1995 attended DL 1998-2002 writes: “What memorable, happy times I had at DL. Right down to the bowels of the school in the music rooms to the art rooms up top, I truly enjoyed my time. Even if I thought we had way too much homework! I have some very fond memories of Somerhill; not just of the teachers or pupils but the beautiful building and grounds as well. Thank you!”.

  • Isabel Carter

    Isabel Carter joined Somerhill Pre-Prep 2002 attended DL 2007-2011 writes: “Looking forward to meeting up with the “old gals” soon, think this is a great idea!”.

  • Gemma Bailey

    Gemma Bailey joined Somerhill Pre-Prep 1993 attended DL 1995-1999 writes: “I had the most wonderful time. Out of all my years of education, Derwent Lodge was the happiest and most creative period of all”.

  • Elizabeth Young

    Elizabeth Young finished Year 6 in 2000 writes: “I've just received a letter about DL old girls, which was definitely a blast from the past! It's brought back some really lovely memories. Looking at the pictures of Somerhill, I had forgotten just how beautiful the school is and how lucky I was. It would be really lovely toget in touch with my year and see how everyone is doing in their first 'proper' jobs after uni!”.

  • Emily London

    Emily London attended 2007-2011 writes: “Hi, I love the idea of keeping in touch with people from DL, it's a good chance to keep in touch!!!! Thank you so much for organizing this!! :) ”.

  • Becca Scott

    Becca Scott attended 1997-2004 writes: “After leaving Somerhill I went to TWGGS, but then left there just after my GCSE's while still in contact with some of the other girls I would love to get in contact with everyone again. I decided to go to WKC and study childcare and education and came out with an NVQ3 diploma.Looking at the website it is weird to think how the school has changed and the pupils/staff, but glad to see old staff are still here to :)”.

  • Portia Bowman

    Portia Bowman writes: Having just finished 7 years of education at TWGGS, I thought that I'd have a look at how things had changed at DL! The website is really informative and a lot better than when I last looked at it. Good to see that some of my old teachers are still teaching too. I'm hopefully going on to do adegree in Physics with Astrophysics at Exeter next year, would be good to keep in touch with some Old Girls!

  • We have also heard from:

    Alexandra, Georgie and Isabel Abbs, the family have been a part of DL from 2002-2011

    Sarah Aldridge attended from 1997-2001

    Nicola Boulter attended 2002-2006

    Katie Brauer joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 1998 and finished Year 6 in 2006

    Emily Chase, attended Pre-prep 2002-2007 then DL 2007-2008 before family relocated to USA

    Tabitha Clarke joined Somerhill Pre-Prep 1997 and finished Year 6 in 2006

    Alex Drewe attended 2005-2009

    Mariella Fahie-Wilson attended 2005-2008

    Isobel Fraser joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 1995 and finished Year 6 in 2002

    Katharine Garratt attended 2003-2005

    Olivia Green attended 2006-2010

    Alisha Gupta joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 2002 and finished Year 6 in 2010

    Freya Hall attended 2006-2010

    Charlotte Henderson attended 2005-2010

    Hannah Kinsey attended 2005-2009

    Eliza macLachlan attended 2005-2009

    Rose macLachlan attended 2001-2004

    Phoebe Mantovani attended 2007-2011

    Izzy McNab joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 1998 and finished Year 6 in 2005

    Katie McNab joined Somerhill Pre-Prep in 2001 and finished Year 6 in 2009

    Holly McNicoll attended 2005-2009

    Lauren McNicoll attended 2003-2007

    Isobel Outhwaite attended 2000-2004

    Natasha Pasternak-Albert attended 2004-2005

    Philippa Stimpson attended 1998-2002

    Alice Taylor attended from Year 4 in 2003-2006

    Katie Tomkins attended 2002-2007

    Lucy Tomkins attended April 2002-2005

    Fran Tute attended 2007-2011

    Imogen Venes joined Somerhill Prep-Prep in 2002 and finished Year 6 in 2011

    Katie Wheeler joined Year 5 in 2010 and finished Year 6 in 2011

    Emily Wilkes attended 2001-2005

    Nicola Wilkinson attended 2002-2006

    Sophie Wilkinson finished Year 6 in 2003

    Rebecca Worrall attended 2004-2008

    Alex Young attended 2003-2007

  • R.I.P. Bethany Freeman

    Bethany Freeman, who left DL in 2007, was tragically killed during the severe storm on October 28th 2013, when a 30ft tree fell on the static home she was sleeping in. Several members of current DL staff taught Beth and many people within the Somerhill community knew Beth and her family. She will be remembered as a bright light among us; a very talented young sportswoman, an intelligent, enthusiastic, wonderful girl who had so much to look forward to and to offer others. The deep sadness of this loss of such a promising life is difficult for everyone, but our most sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy are with Beth's family and closest friends. Rest In Peace, Beth. From all who knew and loved you at DL xxx

  • Lucy Reeve-Wing

    attended 2004-2006 writes...
    "I joined in Year 5 when everyone already had their friends and on my first day I already felt like I had been there ages, everyone was so welcoming and it allowed me to fit in easily.  The teachers were so supportive and did anything they could do to help you if you were struggling.  I was only there for 2 years but it was an amazing school to have gone to."

  • Emily Das

    Emily won 4 golds this year (March 2014) at the Kent Swimming Championships

    For the second year running she won her breaststroke events with ease, setting new Event Best Performance times (age group records) in both the 50m and 100m races but not the 200m this year. Her 4th gold was as part of the 11-12 year medley relay team.

  • Charlotte Henderson

    I left Derwent Lodge 4 years ago and I'm now at Kent College, Pembury. I absolutely adored my time at DL, and I miss all the students and teachers so much! Especially Mrs Forward (best drama teacher ever!) I hope Grasmere is still running as the best house ever, winning all the inter-house competitions! The sports department is amazing and Mrs Harmen inspired me so much in sport, and I still love it now, playing hockey, rounders, tennis etc. Looking at the new school videos, the school looks incredible, even better than it was when I was there which I really didn't think was possible! Myself and Lizzie Holder always talk about how much we miss DL, and we will definitely be paying a visit some time soon! Would love to hear from anyone.

  • Sophie Preston

    left in 2015 and wrote "I love DL and miss it a lot though twggs is great it isn't the same. I hope grasmere continues to try and win ( the best house) and that Mrs Forward, Mrs PB and Miss Hughs are encouraging them...
    Thank you all ( and Mrs Green too!) for creating some wonderful memories"

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