Rounders & Cricket

We are always excited about a summer term of rounders and the girls enjoy the opportunities to play matches in the sumshine. Last season, Years Four and Five won or drew at least 85% of all their matches, demonstrating excellent progress throughout the season in both their batting and fielding. As quite a new game to the Year Three students, they have got to grips very quickly with the many complicated rules and basic tactics, winning well over half of their matches.

The highlight of the rounders season was undoubtedly the success of the DL Under 11 A team, who reached the National Quarter Finals of the IAPS Rounders Knock-out Competition. They won confidently in the first round against Bricklehurst Manor, before seeing off competition from Ardingly College and Great Walstead in rounds two and three. As the excitement grew, so too did the extra practices! In the quarter finals, after a superb batting innings from Windlesham, DL had a rather large number to chase, which was unfortunately to be out of our reach.

Cricket matches were introduced last summer too. With an increasing number of girls getting involved in cricket clubs across the county, it was fantastic to see how their batting and fielding skills can be used in inter-school fixtures too. We look forward to developing the cricketing opportunities in future years.


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