French at Yardley Court has a privileged and prized position alongside the core subjects as all the boys have the opportunity to learn the language from the age of 7.

From this early age, we endeavour to instil an enjoyment and love of French by encouraging the spoken language throughout many of the dynamic interactive methods at our disposal. We use Rigolo with Years Three and Four following the adventures of an English family in France. The boys are introduced to the four skills in French, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

In Years Five and Six, we use a more formal approach. The programmes follow Expo 1 and 2 courses and the boys are expected to learn vocabulary each week. As well as studying interesting topics, they are introduced to simple grammar so that they can understand how the language works.

In the upper section of the school, the boys are prepared for Scholarship and Common Entrance. By this time they are able to speak and write competently about topics which relate directly to their lives, family, home, school routine, leisure activities and holidays.

We make the most of modern technology and have access to programmes such as Linguascope at home and in school to consolidate their understanding of vocabulary.

We also offer an exciting programmes of trips to France, a trip to Boulogne in Year Five, a residential trip to France with Year 6 where they have the opportunity to meet their penfriends in a French school and a cultural trip to Paris for the Year 8.

French is a popular subject at Yardley Court and the boys do extremely well in the CE and Scholarship exam. We try our best to incorporate fun and vitality in our lessons without sacrificing academic standards. More than anything else we want the boys to develop a love of language and the confidence to be able to communicate effectively abroad.


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