The Science Department aim to make lessons stimulating to encourage curiosity, interest and enjoyment through a hands on practical approach to the subject. We believe that it is important that our pupils understand through doing rather than simply learning information by rote.

Using safe practice, we want pupils to develop their experimental and investigative skills to help them find answers to problems and to learn to evaluate and communicate scientific evidence; this together with understanding the importance of evidence in supporting scientific ideas.

We encourage our pupils to be independent when carrying out investigations, whilst also promoting collaborative relationships with their peers.

We have excellent facilities within the school grounds to extend science beyond the laboratory environment.  The Somerhill pond is excellent for pond dipping and we have an extensive woodland habitat available for bug hunting, leaf/flower identification.   We also have two bee hives where we can observe and study the life cycle.

We want pupils to be aware of developments in science and technology and the effects these may have on the world around us.

Our hope is that pupils will carry with them an interest and enjoyment of biology, chemistry and physics into their senior school careers and beyond.

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