At Yardley Court we want children to be challenged and stimulated by mathematics


The main aim of the Yardley Court Geography department is to help boys to develop an informed concern for our world, in particular the local environment, whilst recognising the impact on a global scale.



At Yardley Court we aim to make English an exciting and creative learning experience.


We aim to encourage curiosity, interest and enjoyment of Science by a hands-on practical approach.


At The Schools at Somerhill we aim to make Drama an exciting and inclusive experience


In the teaching of History we hope to help pupils understand how the society in which they live has been shaped


The Schools at Somerhill have a vibrant and valuable Art Department.

Computing and IDT

We are proud of our innovative approach to design technology and computing and here at Somerhill.


At Yardley Court, we aim to help pupils to discover the joy, wonder, passion and excitement to be found in music.

Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE allows information about our bodies, lives and experiences to be discussed in a more informal setting.


We teach the content, style and values of Roman civilisation.

Religious Education

All the boys in Yardley Court have Religious Studies lessons, and they follow a curriculum which is based on Christianity.


French at Yardley Court has a privileged and prized position alongside the core subjects as all the boys have the opportunity to learn the language.

Learning Support

The Schools at Somerhill try to ensure that every child's needs are catered for whether they are exceptionally gifted or have learning difficulties of any kind.

Games / PE

Games and PE enjoy a high profile here at Yardley Court and all staff in the department are enthusiastic and qualified.

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