Headmaster, Duncan Sinclair

Duncan was born in Zimbabwe, graduated from the University of Cape Town. He enjoys cricket, hockey, having a 'braai' and making biltong.

Deputy Headmaster, Christopher Murray

Chris graduated from Cardiff University. He enjoys rugby, cricket and skiing.

Deputy Head Academic, Nathan Close

Nathan returned to Yardley Court as Deputy Head (Academic) in September 2010.

Head of Teaching and Learning, Richard Raistrick

Richard read English and Linguistics at Cardiff University before completing his PGCE at Bristol.

Year 3 and 4 Coordinator, Jonathan Shute

Whilst teaching at The Schools at Somerhill Jonathan has been Head of ICT, a Year Four classroom teacher and Pastoral Coordinator

Year 5 and 6 Coordinator, Alex Holmes

Alex was born in Pembury, Kent, and was brought up in East Sussex.

Year 7 and 8 Coordinator, Sian Lambert

Born in The Hague, Netherlands and brought up in South London, Sian read Economics and Politics at Newcastle University before heading for the City of London where she pursued a career in Banking for 10 years.

Department Staff

The teaching staff of Yardley Court bring a wealth of experience to the school.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Mrs S Benham *
Science Technician

Mrs N Barker
BA Hons, (Warwick), PGCE (Goldsmiths College)
6NB Tutor, English

Mrs M Brittain
BA Hons (Birmingham) PGCE (Leicester)

Mrs J Brown *
School Nurse

Mrs R Burton
BSc Hons (University of Wales) PGCE (Birmingham)
5RB Tutor

Miss E Cashmore
B.Sc. (Hons) (Loughborough University) GTP
Head of Science, 6C Tutor

Mrs J Cook
B.Sc (Hons) (Bristol), PGCE (Roehampton
4JC Tutor

Mrs A Cowen
NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Child Care, Learning and Development
Year 3 Classroom Assistant

Mrs F Croft
BA Hons (University of Kent) PGCE (Canterbury Christchurch)
3FC Tutor

Mrs M Dicks *
Administration Assistant & First Aid  

Miss J Findlay *
GTCL Hons, LTCL, PGCE (Roehampton)
Director of Music

Mrs Sarah Harrison *
B.Ed Hons (Cantab)
Acting Head of Art 

Ms K Helyar *
BA Hons (Portsmouth) PGCE (The Institute of Education, London)
Head of Learning Support

Mrs T Jennings *
Dip. Sp N. (Hornsby Institute)
Learning Support Teacher 

Mr A Leach

Mrs J Leroni
Year 4 One to One

Mrs A Lordon *
BA Hons, MA (Oxon), Diploma in Violin Teaching (LGSM)
Head of Junior Music

Mr G Macdonald
BA (Leeds)  M.A. (London)
Head of English, 5GM Tutor

Mrs C Marples
Swimming Coach

Mr J Matthews
BA Hons (Nottingham Trent), GTP (Kent)
6JM Tutor

Mrs M Metcalfe *
Cert Ed. (University of London)
Art Technician

Mrs L. Nix *
School Nurse

Mdme F Powell
BA (Sorbonne, Paris), PGCE (Avery Hill)

Mrs G Reedy *

Mr S Rudge
M.A.(Oxon), M.Phil., PGCE (Reading)
Head of Latin 

Mrs E Sax *
BA Ed Hons (London)
Learning Support

Ms D Saffer *
BA Economics(Bentley), BA Psychology (CSULB)
Head of IDT

Mr G Smith
LLB Hons (North London) GTP (Gloucestershire)
4SM Tutor 

Mrs S Smith *
MA Hons (Aberdeen)
DL/YC Librarian

Mr S Spence
BA Hons, QTS (Canterbury)
5SS Tutor

Mrs A Spittal
B.Ed. (Port Elizabeth)
3AS Tutor

Mr R Taylor
Year 4 Classroom Assistant

Mrs T Taylor
BA Hons, PGCE (Bristol) MA (O.U.)
3TT Tutor 

Miss E Taylor-Langley
Head of French                                                                                        

Mr M Walker
Sports Coach

Mr S Westwell
B.Sc. Hons, PGCE (Birmingham)
Director of Sport

Mrs L Wilkinson
BA Hons (Otago), MCommerce (Melbourne), PGCE (Canterbury)
Head of Geography

Mrs G Whitlock *
ASA Full Swimming Teacher's Certificate
Swimming Coach

Mr A Wood
Sports Coach

Mr D Woolmer
Foundation Degree (OU), PGCE (Buckingham)
7DW Tutor, IDT and Games

Mrs P Woolmer
B.Sc (Hull), PGCE (Roehampton)
Acting Head of Science


* indicates this teacher teaches across more than one school on site.

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