Computing & IDT

At DL, we combine passionate, specialist teaching and state-of-the-art resources with cross-curricular application of computing skills to produce confident, effective users of technology who have knowledge of how things works and can see purpose in their activities. They gain a broad understanding in this essential life skill; learning how to utilise software to good effect and beginning to appreciate how new technologies are developed.

We are particularly proud that the girls spend 50% of the year working through our Innovative Design Technology programme with its focus on robotics. Key skills and understanding in digital literacy, e-Safety and computer science are developed in parallel and through our cross-curricular content.

The curriculum has been carefully considered to provide excellent progression for every child, no matter what their starting point. Small classes and clear behavioural expectations enable individualised lessons and work that is clearly linked to the rest of the curriculum as well as discrete teaching of new skills. Learning objectives are regularly updated to encompass new technology and girls will develop touch-typing skills through consistent use of an online typing course.                                                                                                     

Two computer suites as well as a multitude of resources in the Art, Science and Music departments, interactive whiteboards in every classroom, digital cameras, robots and after school clubs including Lego League ensure our ‘give it a go’ approach has the necessary backing to build skill and interest.

Work is stored in networked pupil files to aid our environmental mission and children are taught to consider this when producing printed work. Children share their learning, skills and achievements regularly.

Facilities for pupils to access school work from home and for teachers to set and monitor homework remotely are available if circumstances require.

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