Drama at Derwent Lodge is an exciting part of the Curriculum where all girls participate fully.

It all begins in Year Three where we start the term getting to know each other through drama games. This culminates in a Year Three English Speaking Board presentation with every girl taking part. We have found this to be a rewarding experience for the girls which increases their confidence.

In Year Four we work on improvisation and role play in small groups. In the Lent Term we stage a musical which enables the girls to combine their singing and acting skills.

In Year Five the girls work on role play and improvisation in groups and pairs. This leads onto script work which prepares them for the major production in Year Six.

In Year Six the girls are extremely confident in Drama. We do script reading, solo pieces and group scenarios. The girls are encouraged to express their individual personalities and often surprise themselves and their parents with their talent. Auditions take place for the Summer production and all girls are encouraged to attend giving them all a fair chance to demonstrate their full potential. The highlight of the year is a full scale extravaganza musical which is a tribute to the hard work and enthusiasm that the girls have expressed during their time at Derwent Lodge!

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