At Derwent Lodge, we believe Geography should inspire the girls to be inquisitive and captivated by the world and its people.  Throughout their time at school they will develop their knowledge about diverse places, populations and natural wonders. 

We aim to make lessons as practical as possible to develop geography-based skills in a motivating and enjoyable way. To engage our pupils we use a range of stimuli including online maps, activities and topic books. Field trips enrich their learning experience, and good use is made of the vast grounds we have on site at Somerhill. Geography has many cross-curricular links to Science, ICT, Mathematics and History. We believe it is important to explore these. Global location, environmental education and social responsibility are key aspects of knowledge and understanding that enable the girls to develop an appreciation of the global community.

We hope that this range of learning opportunities will help the girls to enjoy this subject and enquire about world around them. 

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