As part of a whole school approach, PSHEE (personal, social and health and economic education) prepares pupils at Derwent Lodge for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

PSHEE is taught as set out in the PSHEE schemes of work by each Form Tutor during weekly timetabled lessons. In Years Three and Four lessons are spent in group discussions, problem solving and evaluating given situations.  There is a strong focus on the year group learning themes; ‘Courage and Self-Belief’ for Year Three, and ‘Collaboration and Cooperation’ for Year Four. The girls are encouraged to work together, appreciate others’ skills and to think about how we are all unique and learn in different ways, whilst covering the specified topics as class groups. Every child becomes a “special person” for a week and the importance of healthy living, encompassing diet and personal hygiene are also explored.

For seniors, citizenship within school and in the wider community is introduced alongside the learning themes; ‘Independence and Initiative’ in Year Five, and ‘Responsibility and Humility’ in Year Six, who have a leadership day early in the first term as part of a programme to support them in their roles as monitors and prefects.

Whole school assemblies often have a PSHEE theme and outside speakers regularly visit to share their knowledge and experiences. Britishness has been an area of focus culminating in a whole school day trip to London. The Government, legal system and several British institutions are also covered. Topics include hustings and mock elections, managing money and personal safety. The history of Somerhill is also studied. In line with our school ethos, respect, consideration and questioning are inherent in the PSHEE curriculum. Girls are encouraged to think about how they can promote social responsibility, not just in school, but in the context of growing up as a member of a global community.

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