At Derwent Lodge Religious Education is very much an inclusive subject in which the girls can share their experiences of religion and everyone can understand what it is like to belong to a faith. The curriculum is delivered via one hour lessons that take place every week. We want the girls to enjoy their R.E lessons and as well as teaching them some important lessons and values.  School trips and interactive workshops enhance the girls’ understanding of religion and help them to be insightful.

Year Three is focused on discovering more about God through selected stories in the Old Testament. In this year girls have a variety of ways to learn R.E through Art and craft activities, re-telling and re-enacting stories as well as joining in lively class discussions and starting to questions and suggest answers to points raised in class. 

The life of Jesus is explored in Year Four through the stories of the New Testament. The story of Jesus’ birth and the Easter story are covered in detail at the appropriate times.  During the Lent term particular focus is given to miracles and parables.  The summer term is spent discovering the importance of the church to Christians.  We visit a local church and ask questions about the role of the vicar.  As in Year Three, we place importance on understanding stories through role play, class discussion and practical activities.

Once in the senior part of the school, the girls in Year Five look at Judaism; the key beliefs, the practices, some of the key celebrations and the places of worship for Jews.  After the Lent half-term, we look at Islam. The girls are introduced to the five pillars, scared places for Muslims, as well as looking at beliefs and practices held by this religion.

Year Six girls have the opportunity to embrace the Buddhist way of life, their unique characteristics and their amazing stories.  Later that year, we look to the religion of Hinduism and explore their creation story, their Gods and Goddesses and their everyday practices.  The girls’ learning is complemented by a trip to Neasden, North London, to experience an Arti ceremony and have first-hand experience of worship in a Mandir.  An emphasis is placed on discussion, role play, and craft activities as well as dressing up, experiencing new foods and handling key artefacts. 

Throughout all years, the girls will have the opportunity of using I.C.T within their work, whether that be recording a role play, preparing a PowerPoint or a Prezi or researching more about an aspect of religion. In addition to this, at the beginning of each year, we will look at prayer and the role this plays in Christians’ lives.  We spend time looking at the school prayer and the Lord’s Prayer and identifying the messages these are conveying.

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