Music at Somerhill has been given a fabulous boost by the recent opening of the purpose-built, state of-the-art Music Centre. As well as six spacious peripatetic teaching rooms, the facility boasts a classroom, a music technology suite and a wonderful Performance Hall with spectacular and inspiring views.

The music department at Derwent Lodge is an extremely exciting and active place and the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment.

Girls from Year Three to Six have a weekly one-hour class music lesson. They will be given opportunities, through composing, performing and listening, to further their knowledge and appreciation of the subject.

Years Three and Four learn to read music whilst having class recorder lessons. They also have the opportunity of joining a recorder club.

All girls are given the option of studying one or more instruments during the school day, with tuition provided by a team of highly professional peripatetic teachers. Instruments currently on offer include piano, electronic keyboard, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone, French Horn, euphonium, oboe, clarinet, flute, bassoon, drums, acoustic guitar and voice. Many pupils are encouraged to enter for the Associated Board of Music examinations. Soloists frequently perform in assembly, at the informal soirees held termly for each year group, in the House Music Competition or at one of the showcase Schools at Somerhill Concerts.

There are many ensemble opportunities for pupils; the Orchestra, Flute Choir, Brass Ensemble, Swing Band, Clarinet Group, Guitar Group, Junior and Senior String Groups. All groups take girls from Derwent Lodge and boys from Yardley Court.

For enthusiastic singers, girls can join either the Junior Choir for Years Three and Four or the Senior Choir for Years Five and Six. The choirs perform on many occasions throughout the year at school concerts, music evenings and a Christmas Carol Service in Tonbridge School chapel for the seniors and St Stephen’s Church for the juniors. They are regularly invited to perform as part of a massed choir in aid of a charity event. We also take girls out to visit care homes and sing for the elderly.

For those girls who wish to further engage in singing, we offer a Chamber Choir to a select group of boys and girls from Year Six. This group has participated in the Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival and will be working towards this event in the summer term.

Two full-scale productions are held each year when pupils from Year Four and Year Six have the opportunity to perform on stage.

For forthcoming plays and concerts, please have a look at our calendar.

Here are our latest music exam results! It's worth remembering, when gaining an understanding of how well the children are doing, that the average age for the achievement of Grade 1 nationally is 10 years old.

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