French at Derwent Lodge is fun. The emphasis is on communicative skills so that the girls can use their French successfully when they go to France. Year Three girls prepare enthusiastically for their French breakfast in the summer term while Year Five girls look forward to their day trip to Le Touquet. They can buy fruit, cheese and bread from the market for their picnic at the beach.

The girls develop lovely accents by listening to CDs, DVDs and by making use of the interactive white board. In Year Six they can join French Club with YC, when we try out French recipes, watch French films and play games. The girls love to create short dramas in French and a real highlight for Year Six girls is the French Café, when invitations are sent to Staff to come and sample the ambiance of an authentic Parisian bistro, while practising their French of course!

For their Year Six Residential trip the girls stay at a holiday village in Stella-Plage not far from Le Touquet. The girls have ample opportunity to improve their oral skills visiting their pen-pals at their primary school in Fréthun; this gives them a real insight into French school life. They can taste local French delicacies such as snails and rhubarb tart while soaking up a different culture. Vive la France et vive le français!

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