As with all schools, The Schools at Somerhill have many policies concerning the various aspects of our operation which are regularly reviewed. You may request a hard copy of these from the school and below are some of those you may have reason to see.

Accessibility (205 KB)

Admissions (82 KB)

Anti-Bullying (165 KB)

Behaviour, Discipline, Rewards and Sanctions (244 KB)

Safeguarding and Child Protection (569 KB)

Complaints (308 KB)

Curriculum (386 KB)

Equal Opportunities (220 KB)

Exclusions (199 KB)

First Aid (268 KB)

Health and Safety (267 KB)

Learning Support (353 KB)

Missing Child (233 KB)

School Trips (393 KB)

*In the last academic year there have been 0 formal complaints in respect of Yardley Court, Somerhill Pre-Prep or Derwent Lodge.

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