Somerhill is a wonderfully happy learning environment. We provide an excellent education with outstanding facilities for girls and boys. Set in 150 acres of parkland, with small class sizes and a wealth of opportunities in a wide range of pursuits, we have a strong record of academic success placing children in both grammar and independent schools at 11+ and 13+.

Our pupils are full of energy and fun and you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful learning environment. Come and see us to find out for yourselves!

Our Admissions Secretary will be happy to arrange a tour and give you more information about places available and the admissions process. Please email admissions@somerhill.org or call 01732 375951.

We value our sense of community. Families come to our schools each day from homes across Kent and West Sussex. Here are some comments from Somerhill parents...

"It's brilliant. It's well run. It offers an amazing range of activities in an outstanding setting which it fully takes advantage of. It has inspirational leaders and is an incredibly happy place. It has the convenience of co-ed without any school being too big. You only have to leave for 5 minutes to appreciate how slick it is. My children are all happy and come home saying things like "I had an EXCELLENT day" more often than they say anything else." 

"A good all-round education with great extra-curricular opportunities. Yardley Court has been proactively helpful in all aspects of our son's education; fair, transparent, excellent communication, including strong additional support when required." 

"Somerhill is the whole package - strong academically, global development of each child as an individual, all delivered in gorgeous surroundings."

"Amazing school environment, teaching staff are brilliant, the school life the children have is encouraging, varied and supportive. My children have blossomed within Pre-Prep and they are loved and cared for. Most importantly they are happy children who love going to school - what more can we ask for!"

"I have been blown away by the staff, facilities and community at Somerhill. It is a stunning setting for children to play and learn. The academic teaching is inspiring, the sport and music is first rate and both of my children have been so happy there. As well as nurturing an appetite to achieve, the school remembers to allow pupils to be children through creativity and play. It recognises the important difference between being the best and doing your best, which is so important to us as a family. I would highly recommend the school to any family considering it."

"My children have been extremely happy at Somerhill and I do feel that have become more confident as result. As a parent I have felt safe in the knowledge that that they will be looked after and cared for."

"Somerhill has an ethos of delivering a mix of strong academic results with a well rounded education. Children have fun and are happy and so they learn. It is not a hot house and the children enjoy going to school each day. They also appreciate that they are there to learn and I am pleased with their results. Somerhill has increased our child's self confidence and boosted their "can do" attitude." 

"We have been thrilled by the development of our children whilst at Somerhill. They are valued as individuals and encouraged to be the best that they can be. The management of the school is comprehensive, experienced and has integrity. We are more than content to trust them implicitly in the education of our children."

"An excellent all round education. It has exceeded our expectations in many areas and we continue to be impressed by the professionalism, caring nature of the staff and strong, academic rigour."

"My daughter has attended Somerhill since Nursery and for her, it has been a fantastic and nurturing experience. The grounds are unbelievably beautiful. The setting - indoor and outdoor - for learning is unique."

"Somerhill has given our children a good balanced education that we believe meets their diverse needs. It has a strong sense of community and a good learning ethos where most children thrive."

"Having assessed (and attended) other schools in the area we as a family are confident that Somerhill offers the best local education for our children."

"Fabulous school! All of my children have been very happy at Somerhill. Loads of opportunities to take part in whatever they enjoy doing. Friendly staff who seem to know the children personally even if in another part of the school. Great facilities."

"The grounds are a huge asset to Somerhill. I think all of the outdoor activities that are provided are a key to balanced academic learning, with a chance to learn and express leadership, sharing, cooperation and teamwork skills. Especially in a very technology oriented society - it's so important for children of all ages to be outside - and this is my main point when talking about the school to others."

"My children are so happy at the school, they have grown in confidence and are given so many wonderful opportunities. They are very lucky children and we are sure this will set them up for whether they go to next, although I think it will be hard to find anywhere better! The school is always looking at what it can do better and is continuously making improvements and investing back into the facilities which, as a parent, I am delighted to see."

Starting school and moving children between schools are both exciting and emotional experiences. Our Admissions Secretary, Farah Brooks-Johnson, will guide you through the admissions process, giving you any information you might need to support your decision. Please contact Farah by emailing admissions@somerhill.org or calling 01732 375951.

You will find information about school life in our Parent pages. We also use Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to share news and photos with our school community. Please do 'Like' or Follow' @somerhillthree.







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