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Derwent Lodge is a family school with a genuinely happy and friendly atmosphere. The school is noted for its high standards of work, performance in the Arts and sport.

All pupils are encouraged to develop poise and confidence, enabling them to relate to their peers and adults in a natural and unassuming way. An emphasis is placed on caring for others, manners and courtesy. Each girl is encouraged 'have a go' at things with a positive attitude and to be proud of their achievements.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy and is designed to challenge each individual. A well established programme of clubs and activities takes place during lunch breaks and after school, playing an important part in widening their experiences and developing new interests. We have a highly rated sports department and we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to participate in physical activity, whether competitive or not. Music and Drama are also very strong and the girls enjoy their involvement in many concerts, soirees and productions. Art is an area of excellence and much of the children's work is displayed around the school.

Girls can take the 11+ examinations for entry to Kent Grammar Schools or the entrance and scholarship examination set by various independent schools in the area. The Headteacher takes a close interest in the progress and well-being of all children and is readily available to meet with parents to discuss any aspect of their daughter's education.

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